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- Große Sonate für das Hammer-Klavier Op.106

- Sonata op.110

- Große Fuge Op.133 (piano solo version by L.Winkler)

Release date: May 1st 2024

by Piano Classics

"Andrea Molteni is both a highly capable and a highly professional pianist who demonstrates a true dedication to music..."   Vladimir Ashkenazy
"Andrea Molteni has an immediately compelling stage presence, and a mercurial ability to communicate with an audience across the broadest spectrum of emotional and spiritual engagement..."   Leslie Howard

Andrea Molteni, Ravel

Piacenza (Italy), December 2023, M.Ravel - Alborada del gracioso

Andrea Molteni, Beethoven

Renon (Italy), May 2024, L.V.Beethoven: Con Alcune Licenze- ALBUM TRAILER

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